Coming soon, Bike Cam!

Having recently purchased a Nikon AW100 rugged camera for our travels I thought about mounting it to the bike for some filming and perhaps some cool stills from the road. I bought a cheapy cheap clamp mount from eBay and 2 to 4 weeks later I received it though the post. How anyone can make any kind of profit on this kind of stuff is beyond me.

I tried mounting on the handlebars but it looked stupid and got in the way. I eventually decided on mounting it about half-way down the forks.

bikecam02 bikecam03

After a first test ride it was somewhat wobbly and loose, so I swapped the quick release lever it comes with for a couple of bolts to keep it nice and tight, replaced the little screw that holds the twisty head on for a bigger one, filled it with superglue and tightened it all up. The result is much, much steadier. Here are some stills!


I also uploaded a short clip to YouTube, click here to see it in 1080p HD.

I really like bike cam and I’m really impressed with both the camera and eBay mount, expect more from the road!

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