Cycle high-fives

Obviously, I love being on my bike, but one of the reasons why we’re choosing to travel Europe by bicycle is that you get a much fuller experience of the towns and villages when passing through on your bike than you would in a car. With the stereo and air conditioning blasting out, you miss so much of the smells and other senses of the environment you’re in. Being on a bike lets you interact much more with your surroundings – and never more so than when one of my top 5 ‘best bike related things that have ever happened to me’ happened…

One day last month, commuting to work on a cold wet winter Monday morning, I was freezing, soaked and on my way to the office at 8am. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling particularly chirpy. Did I mention it was a Monday morning? Then, as I was signalling to turn left off a main road, the greatest thing happened. Three teenage boys stood on the pavement all gave a surprise ‘high five’ to my signalling left hand. It was brilliant. It made me happy for the rest of the day and sort of renewed my faith in the usefulness of teenagers, but the joy brought by their spontaneous high-five didn’t end there…

Obviously, being a thoroughly modern social networking-kinda gal, I mentioned the high-five on facebook and then I managed to score another high-five on my way home from work from my friend who was waiting at a bus stop on the pavement! She had seen my facebook post and held her hand out for a high five as soon as she saw me. The next day, another friend was walking along the pavement and did the same thing! High fives all round!


2 responses to “Cycle high-fives

  1. I just high 5’d the screen 🙂
    You should add a lil sign in your bike whilst travelling Europe, “feel free to high-5 me” 🙂 xx

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