Nev’s Bio

So I’m Nev and here is a bit about me.


So at the time of writing I’m 23 and working at your local friendly financial institution. Unlike Neo I didn’t take the academic route and have worked in an office since I was 18.

Fortunately I have other interests outside of my 35 hour working week and before cycling my main interest is cars. In my relatively short driving career of 6 years I’ve had more than 10 cars (I can’t remember them all). Among such rarities as a Subaru XT and an early MK2 Polo Formel E, I’ve had a project car since 2008, a 1985 MK2 Polo.

It was bought from an old lady with only 14,000 miles on the clock back in 2008 and in 2012 I finally got my arse into gear and got it finished!

She (Anna) has a 1.4 16v AFH engine on bike carbs with a custom rollcage, AVO suspension and other fancy pants bits and bobs. She really is a great little car.

I love playing with cars and bikes and can generally turn my hand to anything practical. One of the things I love about cycling and bike building is the same reason I love building/modifying cars or any other form of mechanical creation or customisation – it’s all about getting geeky with the details. For me, there is untold joy to be gained from spending hours pouring over the infinite possibilities of bike set ups, researching, choosing and sourcing each individual part, then the fun and satisfaction of putting it all together to create something totally unique to you.

The feeling of having built something that will then take you round Europe or round a track rather quickly is one that is immensely enjoyable to me.

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