Ahhh Vienna!

We didn’t really know what to do with ourselves in Vienna.  We wandered around the city for a while, singing the Ultravox song a lot and visiting some of the key sites (buildings) and although there’s no doubt that Vienna is a beautiful place with stunning architecture and probably the cleanest and most modern-looking city we’ve been to, we just didn’t pick up the same good vibes that we’d had from say Budapest or Bratislava.  It felt as if Vienna didn’t really have a distinct personality of its own.

?????????? ??????????

?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Maybe we just didn’t give the city a proper chance but having seen Milan, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava and now Vienna all within a fairly short space of time, we decided we’d finally had our fill of wandering around beautiful cities and went for a day at the zoo to look at (and try to touch) animals instead.  Hurrah!

Sadly, I didn’t manage to touch many animals—only a sneaky squeeze of a pelican’s head when he tried to make his escape from his enclosure with his MASSIVE beak getting in the way—but there were some pretty cool fellows there (even if we couldn’t understand the talks that were all in German).

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

And a good trip to the zoo is incomplete without witnessing the awkwardness of parents trying to explain to their children why two animals appear to be doing a strange “dance” together… tee hee…


My favourite, batty battison…


Another fave: long-nosed fish (not its official name)…


Eventually, we got the underground back to the city and made the short walk along the Danube (where, it seems people love to “hike”, complete with walking poles – there must be some rough terrain on those river banks!) to our campsite, excited for our cycle out of Austria and into the Czech Republic the next day.

??????????  ??????????

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