Trampin in Turin

There was so much to explore in Turin we could have spent a whole weekend there, but we only had one day so we packed everything into a fun filled and exhausting 12 hour period.  By the evening, we’d walked over 20 miles and I had blisters on the soles of both my feet.  Worth it though!

After walking down the massive hill to the city, we started the morning the way a day in any Italian city should begin: with Italian coffee and pastries.  Well, when in Rome (or Turin)…

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We visited the Mole Antollelina building: a stunning piece of architecture housing a cinema, cinema museum and a free standing glass elevator pulled by cables up the centre of the mahousive building to the very top of the spire.


If you’d seen how tightly I was gripping the handrail just walking around the spiral balcony that formed part of the exhibition (it went barely half-way up the building), you’d understand why there’s no way I could have got in the glass elevator.


Battle to control my terrible vertigo aside, the exhibition and building were both fantastic.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

It was past our usual lunch time when we left the Mole Antollelina so we walked at a ridiculously fast pace for over three miles to get to a place called Eataly that I’d read about online.  We managed to get there just before they stopped serving lunch at 2:30 but, disappointingly, it turned out to be a sort of posh supermarket made to mimic a “market place experience”.  Imagine the deli counters, butchers and faux “market stalls” of Waitrose and you’ll get the idea: a sort of market for middleclass people who don’t want to sully themselves with an actual market and are prepared to pay twice the price for the privilege.  They did have some pretty tasty looking food though.


Needless to say, we ended up with lasagne from a pub down the road and a pick and mix of biscuits from the not-so-middleclass independent street bakery for pudding… much more like it!

Another couple of miles of walking (blisters now starting to develop) got us to the super cool Auto Museum.  We spent a couple of hours wandering about with Nev in his element amongst the musty smell of old cars, artsy car-related exhibits and engines.

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We managed to squeeze in a scrummy Italian pistachio ice cream from ‘Grom’ gelataria followed by pizza at a trendy place called Stars and Roses where Nev, always enticed by novelty menu options, went for the “pizza roll”.  Slurrps.


Walking back to the campsite at night, we noticed lots of free buffets being enjoyed in bars along the way.  After our free buffet the night before, we were excited that free buffets might be a common occurrence in Italy.  Yippee.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Even with all the fun had, when a “rest day” ends with blisters on your feet, it’s clearly the sign of something gone majorly wrong.  Why we chose to walk around for miles, miles and then more miles rather than get a tram or bus like normal folk I’ll never know but, if you ask me, campsites on hills should now be banned for the rest of the trip.

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